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Buenos Aires, Montserrat, Mexico 1545



This charming neighborhood was born along with the city due to it's geographic location, however, it was with the founding of the church Nuestra Señora de Montserrat in 1769 that the neighborhood aquired it's name

The history of Montserrat is in essence the history of Buenos Aires itself
It's bull plaza began to function in 1791 near the intersection of 9 de Julio and Belgrano, the then infamous 'Sin street' being very nearby








 A mixture of tango and condomble, tango was born in this neighborhood and quickly became the area's native musical style
One of the city's oldest neighborhoods, it's name is a homage to the aformentioned church, who's patron saint is much venerated in Spain's Cataluña region
The origional replica of the saint was hidden in the mountains near Barcelona to protect the city from Muslim invasions


When the replica was rediscovered 100 years later it's color had faded to a dark tone which made it endearing to Buenos Aires's black population who carried the figurine in religious processions every 8th of Sept. Montserrat was called ¬Neighborhood of the drum' due to the drums played by the city's natives of african descent, who formed distinct nationalistic groups called Cabunda, Banguela, Mondongo,and Angola
Most traces of African heritage have disappeared from the city though the memory remains of carnaval where the black porteños danced thier joyfull candomble through the streets of Monsterrat