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We've opened the doors of our 19th century home so as to share in the adventure of life along with this magical place which we call KILCA, a fun and friendly hostel, simply good for the soul

Buenos Aires, Montserrat, Mexico 1545



Apon arriving to the city, you'll be able to enjoy Sunday afternoon tango shows in San Telmo, or in classic bars like La Viruta, Cafe Tortoni or Salon Canning on Scalabrini Ortiz street, el Querandi or on the legendary intersection of San Juan and Boedo

Tango and milonga classes as well as live shows are offered at the Tasso dancehall




The 2--4 time rythem, feverish and melancoly, has reemerged in the last few years and is now widely practiced by young people and artists You'll also have access the the biggest futbol matches (Boca Jrs., River, Racing, Independiente, San Lorenzo, and Velez) in the city which are played each weekend beginning Friday night through Sunday afternoon

Once inside the stadiums the stands tremble with excitement asfans sing thier lungs out and referees are insulted

Passion for futbol will insure an unforgettable experience

Another charactaristic which describes locals of Buenos Aires (Porteños) is their passion for good food
Succulent meat is the national specialty and you'll find innumerable grills and restuarants to enjoy prime cuts of Argentine beef

It's a vegetarian's nightmare though the true meat lover will have died and gone to heaven
(Ample vegetarion food also available)


A few neigborhoods not to be missed...

When in Buenos Aires, a visit to San Telmo is a must for all
The best time to go is Sunday morning when the heart of this charming historic neighborhood becomes an outdoor artesan market

You'll see plenty of musical street acts including elegant and elderly tango singersA lovely window into Porteño culture
Around 10 am the plaza Defensa takes on a festive air

Defensa street becomes a pedestrian walkway through this area of wide sidewalks, historic buildings, and cobblestone streets
Hundreds of stands offer crafts at reasonable prices and the numerous street artists make up a sight well worth seeing

The cafes which surround the plaza offer a variety of typical foods and drink
Enjoy San Telmo as locals have been doing for several decades

La Boca
Buenos Aire's original port neighborhood, La Boca, was settled mostly by poor Italian immigrants who built thier built thier multi-coloured homes of wood and zinc, coverin them with leftover boat paint
This pintoresque custom has continued until today and makes for one of the city's most rustic and colorful areas
Neighborhood of artists, tango, and futbol (the Boca Jrs. stadium is located here), La Boca allows for a glimpse of the Porteño's inherent joy and nostalgia

Puerto Madero
Newly renovated and beautified, the old port zone is now one of the city's most elite
Chosen by many as home and visited by thousands of turists each year for the views and portside restuarants, Puerto Madero offers a lovely boulevard for day or nighttime strolling
A movie theatre complex as well as the 'women's bridge' by spanish arquitect Santiago Calatrava can also be found there



The city's most distinguished and elegant neighborhood, with it's elegant french arquitechture and ample parks, becomes a meeting place for artists and young people each weekend
La Plaza Francia offers a vibrant artesan market Saturdays and Sundays and makes for lovely weekend strolling

An attractive neighborhood to visit any day of the week
It's forests and lakes, as well as japanese and botanical gardens are ideal for sports and exercise
The Plaza Serrano is completely surrounded by informal inviting bars and restuarants, great for dinner and drinks into the wee hours of the morning

Also to be found in Palermo is excelent shopping, especially clothing stores known for thier independent vanguard design

They often display thier threads on sidewalks and in bars, yet another charactaristic of this attractively glam neighborhood



Night Life
For those who wish to explore the Porteño nightlife we recommend some of the city's hottest nocturnal dance clubs where we can also arrange tickets at discounted prices
You'll find innumerable smaller clubs and bars at your disposition as well as restuarants for good eats without blowing your budget

El Mate
Another unique argentinian distinction is Mate, the filtered herb consumed in great quantity as a tea
Any hour of the day is the right time to enjoy this rustic and social beverage, commonly shared among friends with plenty of chat guaranteed

Our hostel is located in the historic neighborhood of Montserrat which is very close to the Congress plaza and a mere 5 minutes from the famous Obelisc structure
The nearby subway stations of Independencia and San Jose are the gateways to the city's most visited spots such as Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, Belgrano, Caballito, and Barrio Norte
A plethora of public busses also pass by, allowing you access to anywhere in the city 24 hours a day
We also offer bikes for rent, for those who wish to get to know Buenos Aires on two wheels

Guided tours
Get to know the city of Buenos Aires and it's suburbs through our wide variety of tours and day excursions (Daily city tour offered) 
For the sport oriented traveller we offer arranged excursions to football matches as well as guided tours of traditional milongas
Other excursions include sailing cruises on the River Plate, aerial flight tours fo the city, as well as visits to ranches and the river delta

Carlos Gardel Museum /Jean Jaures 735. Tel. 4964-2071). Open Mon.-Sun. from 11 to 6. (Tues. closed) 3 peso entrance free. Wed. free

Obligatory visit for lovers of tango !!

Carlos Gardel lived in this home converted into Museum with his mother until 1933, his last year in Buenos Aires before leaving for France

Ecological Reserve / Avenida Tristan Rodriguez 1550 Hours- April through Oct. from 8-6. Nov. through March from 8-7

Just a few blocks from the city center, a chance to come into contact with nature
The reserve is a natural circuit with thousands of trees, herbs, and shubbery native of the River Plate delta
Flora and fauna abound including several native bird and small animal species
Ideal for photography and strolling, as well as bike trips, an oasis of calm between the city's financial district and the river
On weekends you'll find a huge crafts fair just outside the entrance to the reserve along the boardwalk located between Puerto Madero and the reserve
Don't miss the numerous portable grills offering succulent meat sandwiches

Teatro Colon  / Viamonte 1100. Tel. 4378-7132 - www.teatrocolon.org. Hours- guided tours Mon.-Sat. from 11 to 4. Sun. from 11-3
Buenos Aires's most legendary theatre and concert hall offering classic plays from Shakespeare, Beckett, Moliere, etc. as well as symphony orquestra performances and phototagraphy expositions