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We've opened the doors of our 19th century home so as to share in the adventure of life along with this magical place which we call KILCA, a fun and friendly hostel, simply good for the soul

Buenos Aires, Montserrat, Mexico 1545



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The ‘Caminito’ of La Boca

The ‘Caminito’ of La Boca

No trip to Buenos Aires is complete without taking a short stroll through the open-air ‘museum’ of the ‘Caminito’ (literally ‘little path’)

a brightly-coloured port-side street representing both the old immigrant La Boca of the nineteenth century and the genesis of tango music and dance

The city’s tourist bus stops off at the entrance to the Caminito, and several private companies organise walking tours


Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is our answer to peanut butter or Nutella, we dollop it over our desserts and spread it on almost anything edible
Best tasted on the end of a spoon, in an ‘alfajor’ (a type of cookie) or in a fiendishly rich ‘chocotorta’ dessert



More festivals than you can shake a guide-book at

Whether it’s jazz, rock music, dance, books, design, theatre, food, tango, circus, extreme sports, independent film or even mathematics, Buenos Aires hosts an eclectic mix of international festivals, many with free events


Our Pope!

OK, so he’s not actually here in Buenos Aires, but the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge María Bergoglio, was born in the barrio of Flores and spent decades working tirelessly in the city’s poorer neighbourhoods

Learn more about his life and work on our freePapal Bus Tour




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