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We've opened the doors of our 19th century home so as to share in the adventure of life along with this magical place which we call KILCA, a fun and friendly hostel, simply good for the soul

Buenos Aires, Montserrat, Mexico 1545



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Bars & Nightlife

A taste of BA culinary and nocturnal culture

Bars & Nightlife

Nighthawks and revellers, welcome to your spiritual home

Drinking and dancing is a huge part of porteño culture; bars come alive from 10pm on most nights, and clubs (‘boliches’) get going at around 2am. If you want to effortlessly blend in with porteños, be sure to try Fernet, a bitter aromatic spirit often mixed with coke
Whether it’s an upscale speakeasy or the ubiquitous Irish pub you’re after, BA’s bar scene has it all. Note that many bars run 2 for 1 happy hours til around 10pm and will usually serve food til late
Palermo Soho (especially around Plaza Serrano) and San Telmo have the highest concentration of bars, but since fashionable bars come and go in the city it could be worth checking a recent guide like Time Out when deciding where to head out

Night Clubs
Most of BA's big clubs are located along the Costanera Sur and in the Palermo Soho and Hollywood neighbourhoods, and they play anything from electro beats and old-school hip hop, to house and drum ‘n bass
Famous Typical Bars
There are plenty of bars at Buenos Aires City which were significant because of its ancient architecture or local relevance. They are considered as “Notables” and they are part of the official culture Patrimony of the City
Being part of the kind atmosphere and chatting or talking at them, enjoying a classic “cortado” (coffee with milk), it is a ritual for local people and a very nice experience for tourists

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